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  • Warsaw Festiwals
    The Science Festival is a scientific initiative  inspired by the Edinburgh Science Festival , established in 1996 and co-organized by Warsaw universities (including UW, PW, WAU, SGGW), the Polish Academy of Sciences and other institutions and museums in Warsaw. The festival aims to popularize science and to show the public what benefits result from development of science.

    The Program Manifesto says:

    The level of science, its use and good education of the society will determine whether we will be able to understand the world and function within.

    The Festival of Science is a scientific contribution to the construction of a thinking, better Poland. We show the inside of universities, institutes and other establishments where people of science work. We desire to reach the widest possible audience, including  children and young people interested in science, and also those who were not very familiar with it.


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  • Warsaw Science Picnic
    The Science Picnic of the Polish Radio and the Copernicus Science Centre is Europe’s largest outdoor event dedicated to science, enjoying great interest. 

    In 2005 the European Commission distinguished it as one of the 10 best European projects in the "Science and Society" field.  It has been held every year since 1997 at the New Town and Podzamcze in Warsaw, and each time it brings together about 250 institutions from Poland and  abroad. The main message of the event is to illustrate scientists’ work and research findings in ways that are accessible, interesting and interactive to visitors.

    The various co-organizers of the event: a number of scientific institutions, universities, research institutes, museums and cultural institutions represent natural sciences, social sciences and the humanities.

    The 2010 Picnic  will be held exceptionally in the Edward Śmigły-Rydz Park, Powiśle, on 12 June.

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  • Warsaw Space Days
    he Warsaw Space Days (DTS) is a series of various events held continuously since 2007. Their aim is to familiarize and popularize the knowledge of the satellite technologies , the benefits of their use, and space activities in general.

    At the same time, the Warsaw Space Days provide a platform for annual meetings of communities involved in space activities in Poland - representatives of business, science and public administration. They serve as a forum to discuss the future direction of space activities in Poland.


    Those invited to participate in the DTS are representatives of the Polish and European space industry, public administration, representatives of the satellite science sector, and above all ordinary people who would like to explore this topic.

    The Space Research Centre as an institution actively developing its potential in daily use of satellite technology and space technology, continuously participates in the event and supports the organization of the Warsaw Space Days. The Centre presents  its  achievements and specific areas of practical applications of satellite technology together with examples  based on  innovative  applications , which play an increasingly important role in modern society and the economy.


    The originator and the main initiator of the DTS is the Space Office operating at the Space Research Centre. Also involved in organization and technical support of the DTS are representatives of business and science from the satellite sector, including the Agency for Development of Mazovia, and  the Ministry of Economy holds honorary patronage.

    Forms of presentation:

    By  using various forms of presentations such as conferences, discussions, workshops, outside demonstrations, exhibitions, the organizers  try to use them to create a platform for mutual understanding, exchange experience, and present potential future directions for the space industry.
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