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The idea of creating the Laboratory of Robotics and Mechatronics[dk13] is based on three main categories: People, Projects, Equipment-Infrastructure.  It is made up of  the [dk14]Centre’s long- standing employees, young doctors and doctoral candidates, trained in the SRC doctoral courses, and young university and engineering college graduates .

This combination of experience, professionalism, ambition and innovative approach to problems allows rapid and accurate development of the laboratory . Our scientific-research equipment and infrastructure facilities allow us to materialize  highly qualified scientific and technical thought.

In accordance with the intended objectives, our team is involved in several projects in the following areas:
• structural and thermal analysis of  satellite systems and sub-systems,
• physics of planetary surface,
• space mechanisms ,
• planetary penetrometry,
• space robotics,
• control of mechanical systems.

The laboratory has taken part in several international projects, including such missions as Bepi-Colombo, Tellescope Cherenkov Array (CTA), Rosetta mission, Chandrayaan-1 Lunar Geophysical Package (L-GIP), or Obstanovka mission.


Kondrad Aleksiejuk
Fatina Basmadji
Agata Białek
Aleksandra Biedrzycka
Aleksandra Grzegorczyk
Tomasz Kowalski
Jacek Musiał
Agata Nicolau-Kuklińska
Piotr Palma
Małgorzata Pawlus
Tomasz Rybus
Karol Seweryn
Adam Sikorski
Monika Szewczyk
Paweł Szewczyk
Gordon Wasilewski
Tomasz Barciński - kierownik
Jędrzej Baran - zastępca kierownika

Important links: http://mechatronics.cbk.waw.pl/en


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