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FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) Satellite Applications Laboratory was established in 2008 thanks to the FOCUS program of the Foundation for Polish Science. An area of approximately 150m2 was fully equipped with electronic laboratory apparatus meeting the European Space Agency’s  requirements for electronic subsystems construction, including the requirements of EPA (ESD Protected Area).

The laboratory owns complete equipment for designing, constructing, commissioning and testing of advanced digital systems based on FPGA technology, namely:

• on-board computers,
• controller board
• control systems for silicon based CCD and CMOS imaging obtained from these matrices, DSP systems, allowing for the processing of signals with frequencies above 1GHz, and expanded power satellite systems using FPGA technology.

The Laboratory’s employees  have worked in many international projects, including designing and building equipment for ESA missions: Integral, Mars Express, Herschel, Bepi-Colombo, and for the ASIM experiment to the International Space Station.

Under a contract with EADS, research and development activities are carried out concerniing  the application of a digital feedback loop based on FPGA technology in satellite power supply systems.

In January 2010, a project started concerning the construction of the first Polish scientific satellite BRITE-PL. The team employed in the laboratory forms the entire core of the satellite design team. Six employees of the laboratory are part of the project management (nine members). Subsystems based on FPGAs will be an essential  part of the whole satellite (main on-board computer, ACS computer, telescope computer, communications transmitter and receiversystem , power control circuit board and battery charging control system).


• PhD. Eng. Marcin Stolarski
• PhD. Eng. Roman Wawrzaszek
• M. Sc. Małgorzata Michalska
• M. Sc. Andrzej Cichocki
• M. Sc. Rafał Graczyk
• M. Sc. Witold Nowosielski
• M. Sc. Piotr Sitek
• M. Sc. Konrad Skup
• Eng. Paweł Grudzinski

Manager: Piotr Orleański

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