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“The bright ideas of scientists have to be matched by the creativity of engineers and very high management standards”

The Space Research Centre is an interdisciplinary research institute of the Polish Academy of Sciences, established to conduct scientific research and activities in order to develop the space industry in Poland.

Our mission is the development and dissemination of space activities, which might help our country in achieving the image of the state actively involved in space research at world level and the creation of satellite technologies.

Basing on satellite techniques we carry out basic and applied research into phenomena in interplanetary and circumterrestrial space, on Earth, and into solar physics and solar system bodies.

We are disseminating these results by self-publishing and by organizing conferences, seminars, lectures, workshops, etc.

Our goal is to explore bridges between the latest scientific discoveries in the field of space research and its practical application in daily life. We develop solutions and promote the use of satellite systems in the national economy, in areas such as navigation, telecommunications and earth observation.

What constitutes an essential form of our activity iss construction of satellite instruments, processing data from space experiments and preparation of new research projects in a wide international cooperation framework.

In the field of research and development, the PAS PAS SRC collaborates with leading research centers and private and public companies in the aviation and defense industry. An important task is to support the Government in the organization of space activities in Poland and eventually in the establishment of the Polish Space Agency.

Through educational activities (such as doctoral studies), we provide teaching and further education of scientific staff.

In our promotional and educational activities, we aim to show the society the importance of space research and its results.

Understanding the importance of dissemination and popularization of knowledge we organize different kinds of activities (festivals, scientific picnics, contests, fairs, exhibitions) that give the public direct access to information of interest to them.

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