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Another edition of the International Warsaw Invention Show IWIS 2010 was organized by the Association of Polish Inventors and Innovators (SPWiR). The exhibition is designed to promote Polish inventions and support making new business contacts. Since 1990, SPWiR has presented more than 2,000 Polish innovative technical and technological solutions at  numerous exhibitions on four continents. This annual IWIS Exhibition held on 20-22 October 2010 in Gromada Hotel in Warsaw under the auspices of the Honorary Patronage of the President of Poland, Mr Bronisław Komorowski. The World Intellectual Property Organization in Geneva and the International Federation of Inventors’ Associations (IFIA) in Budapest also granted their patronage to IWIS Exhibition 2010. The best inventions will be rewarded by the international jury with medals – gold with distinction, gold, silver, bronze – and special certificates.

The SRC presented five solutions at the exhibition, which received the following awards:

Gold medal with distinction

- Autonomous multipurpose device for deep subsurface investigations KRET (Prof.  Marek Banaszkiewicz Marek, Jerzy Grygorczuk Ph.D.,. Charles Sewell Ph.D. and Roman Wawrzaszek) PhD. Eng.

Gold medal:

- Dipole antenna for detection of three electric field components (Marek Morawski M.Sc.with the team)

- Multi PUrpose Sensor for surface and subsurface science MUPUS (Prof. Marek Banaszkiewicz, Marek Hłond Ph.D., Stanisław Gadomski M.Sc. Eng.[dk23], Jerzy Grygorczuk Ph.D., Eng. Jacek  Krasowski, Wojciech Marczewski Ph.D., Prof. Tilman Spohn)

- Control unit of supply distribution for local heterodyne oscillator of HIFI instrument (Piotr Orleański Ph.D. Eng. Ing. with team).

Silver medal:

- Pointing unit for image spectrometer (Mirosław Rataj Ph.D. Eng. with the team).

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