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Since 30 years the Space Research Centre has conducted research activities in constructing  unique instruments for space missions.

The first devices were built under the Intercosmos program and placed on the Soviet satellites (JONOSONDA projects, ACTIVE, APEX) and the international space station MIR (device VIEWFINDER Priroda module.)

Since 1991, the Centre has cooperated with the European Space Agency (ESA) and has been participating in its missions by designing and providing  instruments for the space missions (which meet all the requirements and standards imposed by the ESA / CNES / NASA).  The biggest experience we have in the constructing  the following groups of devices:

• space plasma analyzers,
• reliable satellite mechanisms,
• specialized sensors and systems for measuring temperature,
• scanners and calibration sources  for infrared spectrometers,
• on-board power supplies,
• driver and controller chips designed for complex subsystems in large scientific instruments,
• ground support systems for commissioning and testing of satellite instruments.

In recent years, the SRC participated in large international consortias building optical instruments for remote observations of planetary missions:

Mars Express (ESA mission), Venus Express (ESA mission), Chandrayaan (Indian mission to the Moon), Bepi-Colombo (ESA mission to Mercury).

Another field of the institute’s technical activity in  international  research missions is creating  a complex, specialized electronic systems and power systems.

A third important area is the preparation of instruments and software that supports experimentation and construction of ground-based augmentation systems (electronic and mechanical). Examples of the SRC participation in these two areas are: mission INTEGRAL (astrophysical gamma-ray observatory, the European Space Agency) experiments IBIS and JEM-X, HERSCHEL mission (ESA Microwave Observatory) experiment True, the French DEMETER mission, and Taranis, the American mission IBEX, experiments and Obstanovka ASIM the International Space Station. The fourth area of activity of the Centre related to space missions, the equipment and mechanical structure. In this area, locate the ESA missions: Cassini / Huygens to Titan (experiment SSP) and the Rosetta comet Churyumov-Gerasimenko (MUPUS experiment) and Obstanovka.

As a result of extensive activities in the highly demanding and competitive field of international space research constituted, the SRC has developed a highly qualified science and engineering, has implemented a number of investments in infrastructure and test workshop, and also equips its research laboratories with modern equipment.

Through participation in space missions, engineers and specialists from the SRC have mastered the difficult art of building complex structures of space, made in accordance with the extremely demanding procedures of the ESA, working in extreme environmental conditions and optimized in terms of weight, size and power consumption.

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