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Since  the SRC started its activity, over 50 instruments have been constructed to be launched into space on board rockets, artificial satellites and interplanetary probes.

Below are some information materials on selected instruments.

Space Instruments provided by Polish Institutes in cooperation with industry. Period 1970-2016 Space_Instruments_1970_2016.pdf

CORONAS Coronas.pdf
INTERBOL-1 Interbol-1.pdf
INTERBOL-2 Interbol-2.pdf
CASSINI Cassini.pdf
INTEGRAL Integral.pdf
MARS EXPRESS, ROSETTA, INTEGRAL mars_roseta_integral.pdf
MARS EXPRESS MarsExpress.pdf
ROSETTA Rosetta.pdf
DEMETER Demeter.pdf
COMPASS-2 Kompass.pdf
HERSCHEL Herschel.pdf
Obstanovka-1 ISS.pdf
BepiColombo Merkury.pdf
KRET Kret.pdf
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