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SATELLITE  EXPERIMENTS, 28 instruments; 21 missions already completed,

27.02.1979 INTERCOSMOS-19 Radiospectrometer IRS-1
25.12.1980 PROGNOZ-8 Spectrum Analyzer BUD-A
15.12.1984 VEGA-1 Spectrum Analyzer APV-N
21.12.1984 VEGA-2 Spectrum Analyzer APV-N
18.12.1986 COSMOS 1809 Radiospectrometr AVCz-2F, Antenna Impedance Meter
7.07.1988 PHOBOS-1 Spectrum Analyzer APV-F1
12.07.1988 PHOBOS-2 Spectrum Analyzer APV-F2
28.09.1989 INTERCOSMOS-24 (ACTIVE.) Radiospectrometer PRS-2, Antenna Impedance Meter, Spectrum Analyzer
28.09. 1989 INTERCOSMOS-24 (SUBS.) Radiospectrometer PRS-2S
18.12.1991 INTERCOSMOS-25 (APEX) Radiospectrometer PRS-3, Antenna Impedance Meter

Radiospectrometer ISKRA , Electrostatic Energy Analyzer

18.12.1991 INTERCOSMOS-25 (SUBS.) Radiospectrometer PRS-3S
2.03.1994 CORONAS-I Radiospectrometer SORS
3.08.1995 INTERBALL-1 Plasma Wave Analyzer ADS
3.08.1995 INTERBALL-1 (SUBS.) Plasma Wave Analyzer SAS-1
16.11.1996 MARS 96 DCDC, Low Frequency Analyzer and EGSE for ELISMA PWC
29.08.1998 INTERBALL-2 Radio-spectro Polarimeter POLRAD
29.08.1998 INTERBALL-2 (SUBS.) Plasma Wave Analyzer SA-2
10.12.2001 COMPASS Radiospectrometer RFA-2
29.02.2004 DEMETER DCDC for Plasma Wave Complex
25.05 2006 COMPASS-2 Radiospectrometer RF


18.09.1981 VERTICAL-Gruzya 60-S Radiospectrometer PRS-1

Radiospectrometer ISKRA

21.12.1981 VERTICAL-10 Frequency Spectrum Analyzer ASIN
20.05.1983 VOLNA-1 MR-12 Low Frequency Spectrum Analyzer

Langmuir Probe

18.03.1985 PLASMA-1 MR-12 Radiospectrometer PRS-2E
15.05.1985 PLASMA-2 MR-12 Radiospectrometer PRS-2RP
June 1992 NASA Terier-Black AC-Electric Field Spectrometer

8 instruments in 6 missions


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