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The primary objective of the proposed IONOSAT-MICRO project, leading by Ukrainian Space Agency and IKI  is to monitor the Earth's space environment and obtain a much more complete picture of electromagnetic plasma environment and description of near Earth turbulent structures region. This project is a first stage of IONOSAT mission devoted to multi-point global monitoring of dynamic processes in the ionosphere. IONOSAT-MICRO is the forerunner project scheduled for launch onboard Ukrainian microsatellite MICROSAT with the  is polar LEO around 500 km.

The scientists and engineers from Space Plasma Group has been invited for build the HF wave analyser. The new technologies RFA radio analyser will gave the possibility for diagnostics 3D electric field component (spectra and wave forms) with extremely high time resolution.  Moreover, the registration from the RFA radio analayser located on board of low orbiting  satellite RELEC will give the unique opportunity  for  multipoint diagnostics. Based on the data gathered by  different sensors located on board IONOSAT-MICRO it will be possible to  investigate the  following topics;

-  Space-temporal structure of inhomogeneities in neutral atmosphere and ionosphere;
-  Global structure and dynamics of electric currents, electric and magnetic fields;
-  Wave structures and turbulences at different scales;
-  Synchronous experiments with ground support facilities.

H. Rothkaehl, M. Morawski, M. Tokarz, M. Krzewski.
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