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Radio & Plasma Wave Instrument
JUpiter ICy moons Explorer
- is the first large-class mission in ESA's Cosmic Vision 2015-2025 programme. JUICE will perform detailed investigations of Jupiter and its system in all their inter-relations and complexity with particular emphasis on Ganymede as a planetary body and potential habitat.

Jupiter and the moons

The main goals of  JUICE project are;

Conduct a comparative study of Ganymede, Callisto and Europa, with an emphasis on the characterization of Ganymede as a planetary object and possible habitat.
- Provide a complete spatio-temporal characterisation of the giant, rotating magnetosphere, and of the meteorology, chemistry and structure of Jupiter's gaseous atmosphere.
-Study coupling processes inside the Jupiter system, with an emphasis on the two keycoupling processes within that system: the tidal effects that couple Jupiter with its satellites and  the electrodynamic interactions that couple Jupiter and its satellites with their atmospheres, sub-surface oceans, magnetospheres and magnetodisc.

The Radio & Plasma Waves Investigation is  one of the scientific payload instrument. RPWI consists of a highly integrated instrument package that will carry out measurements that allow for comprehensive science investigations of the space environments around Jupiter primarily near Ganymede, Europa and Callisto, as well as monitoring radio wave emissions in the Jupiter system.

RPWI makes use of several different sensors and receivers. Altogether, the instrument uses 10 sensors and 3 receivers, which cover a wide frequency range, from DC up to 45 MHz. There are 4 Langmuir probes (LP-PWI) for plasma and electric field measurements, a search coil magnetometer (SCM) with 3 coils for magnetic fields measurement, and 3 radio antennas (RWI). Thus, the RPWI sensors provide complete measurements of the electric and magnetic field vectors.

The SRC-PAS has a major role in the JUICE/RPWI consortium, both with regard to instrument hardware and software as well as in the science investigation. The SRC-PAS responsibilities in the instrument implementation are:

- Mechanics design of the four booms and sensors for the Langmuir Probe & Plasma Wave Instrument (LP-PWI) part of RPWI.
- Design of the main RPWI Digital Processing Unit (DPU).
- Mechanics design of the Radio Wave Instrument (RWI) antenna part of RPWI.

H. Rothkaehl  Co-PI  RPWI consortium, M. Dobrowolski Mechanics Meanger, M. Morawski (DPU), J. Grgorczuk (Mechanics).
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