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The primary objective of RESONANCE project is to diagnose and monitor the Earth's space environment and obtain a much more complete picture of transport of energy between inner magnetosphere and ionosphere system than those available hitherto. Particularly attention is paid to long- standing and still  unsolved issue  as inter relationship between noiselike and discrete emissions in cyclotron maser, the role of different wave mode in acceleration and precipitation of energetic charged particles, and energy transfer from hot to cold plasma component. The proposed RESONANCE mission is consisting of 4 identical spacecraft, located within the same magnetic  flux tube up to 3 hours. Such an orbit is particularly suitable for studying the processes for which field-aligned wave propagation and particle motion are significant. The unique and novel character of investigation have also the ”Active part" of RESONANCE project. Using the ground base heat facility, as HARP installation, it will be possible to diagnose the changes of near Earth environment generated by artificial electromagnetic

The HF radio anayser designed and build by the polish team is an electronic module devoted to measure electrical and magnetic components of radio frequency emissions in the frequency range from 10 kHz up to 1.0 MHz and phase difference measurement of two monochromatic signal on frequency 5.0 MHz and 15.0 MHz transmitted from “RIC” instrument.

The instrument is composed of main units that includes two Digital Vector Receivers and Data Processing Unit with Control Module. Signals to be analysed by HFA came from following sources:

- three dimensional low frequency electric field antenna set (AMEF-WB),
- three dimensional magnetic field antenna set,
- narrow band 5MHz and 15 MHz antenna sets.

In 2013 the EM model was design.

H. Rothkaehl, R. Schreiber,  M. Morawski, M. Krzewski.
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