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Why with us

* Do  you want  to learn more about space research and technologies?
* Do you  want to work in a dynamic team of professionals?
* Do you want to take part in the most prestigious international projects and have a taste of adventure through collaboration with the European Space Agency and NASA?
* Are you an ambitious professional, oriented to develop and achieve success?

Join us!

The Space Research Centre is an interdisciplinary institute of the Polish Academy of Sciences. For over 30 years it has combined an excellent knowledge of the European space industry with the scientific and engineering  creativity . Conducting high-level scientific research, we aim to create and disseminate knowledge  in the area of space sciences. Following  the global trends we care about their practical application.
Participation in the most prestigious international projects (such as MARS EXPRESS - Martian probe, CASSINI / HUYGENS - study of Saturn and Titan, INTEGRAL - high energy cosmic laboratory, ROSETTA - mission to the comet) testifies to the extent of recognitionthat the SRC meets all over the world.

We have participated in constructing instruments for more than 60 space experiments (rocket and satellite) and in the interpretation of data obtained from an even greater number of space missions.

We cooperate with the European Space Agency and actively participate in the EU programs, particularly in the flagship projects of the European Space Programme for Earth observation (GMES), satellite navigation (GALLILEO), safety (PROTEUS).

We also carry out doctoral studies in the field of space exploration and geophysics.

The head office of the PAS SRC  is located  in Warsaw, and our subsidiaries are:
* Astrogeodynamic Observatory in Borowiec ,
* Solar Physics Division and Planetary Geodesy[dk30] in Wroclaw,
* Geodynamic Laboratory in Książz.

Our employees are the greatest asset of the Centre. The  SRC currently employs approximately 170 people, including scientists, engineers and experts of various specialties.
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