Plasma Physics Division Projects
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Radio Frequency Analyser RFA
(Relativistic ELECtrons) satellite will be launched in into a sun-synchronous orbit to height of about 750 km in 2014. The aim of the RELEC mission is to study precipitation of magnetosphere relativistic electrons and their impact on the Earth atmosphere and ionosphere including the observations of fast transient phenomena in the upper atmosphere. It will provide combined observations of UV, X and gamma radiation and charge particle fluxes, as well as electromagnetic fields. Radio Frequency Analyser (RFA) has been developed by SRC PAS.

Last Updated on Tuesday, 27 May 2014 13:09
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The primary objective of RESONANCE project is to diagnose and monitor the Earth's space environment and obtain a much more complete picture of transport of energy between inner magnetosphere and ionosphere system than those available hitherto. Particularly attention is paid to long- standing and still  unsolved issue  as inter relationship between noiselike and discrete emissions in cyclotron maser, the role of different wave mode in acceleration and precipitation of energetic charged particles, and energy transfer from hot to cold plasma component. The proposed RESONANCE mission is consisting of 4 identical spacecraft, located within the same magnetic  flux tube up to 3 hours. Such an orbit is particularly suitable for studying the processes for which field-aligned wave propagation and particle motion are significant. The unique and novel character of investigation have also the ”Active part" of RESONANCE project. Using the ground base heat facility, as HARP installation, it will be possible to diagnose the changes of near Earth environment generated by artificial electromagnetic

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Electronics blocks
The aim of OBSTANOVKA experiment on board ISS station is to monitor and diagnose the electromagnetic radiation and property of plasma around station, to enable the development  theory of near Earth plasma interaction and for application purposes in space technology. To achieve these goals the Plasma-Wave Complex PWC was designed and constructed.   Radio Frequency Analyser RFA, part of PWC complex, has been developed jointly by SRC PAS in Warsaw and by IRF in Uppsala. New design radio receiver for frequency band 0.1-15 MHz, with three electric and magnetic field component of antenna system on board ISS was designed to monitoring and investigate the ionospheric plasma property  and artificial noises generated around ISS.
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is the Low-Frequency Array, exploring yet poorly studied range between 30-240 MHz frequencies. It constitutes a European array of thousands of antennas - a challenge for data transfer and processing techniques. The project is based on an interferometry array of radio telescopes using about 25,000 small antennas concentrated in at least 48 larger stations. 40 of these stations are distributed across the Netherlands, five stations in Germany, and one each in Great Britain, France and Sweden. The data processing is performed by a Blue Gene/P supercomputer situated in the Netherlands at the University of Groningen.
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Pulsed Power Amplifier
Electromagnetic emissions observed in the nearest Earth environment are superposition of natural emissions and various types of man-made noises. Also as a consequence of thunderstorm activity and a Earthquake or volcanic eruption, on the board of low orbiting satellites the electromagnetic emissions are detected. At the current stage of  space physics investigations, we can describe many different magnetospheric and ionospheric activities driven by changes in the Sun-Earth system. Moreover, we still have problems with forecasting geospace conditions, particularly during disturbed geomagnetic conditions.
Last Updated on Tuesday, 27 May 2014 13:10
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