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The Science Festival is a scientific initiative  inspired by the Edinburgh Science Festival , established in 1996 and co-organized by Warsaw universities (including UW, PW, WAU, SGGW), the Polish Academy of Sciences and other institutions and museums in Warsaw. The festival aims to popularize science and to show the public what benefits result from development of science.

The Program Manifesto says:

The level of science, its use and good education of the society will determine whether we will be able to understand the world and function within.

The Festival of Science is a scientific contribution to the construction of a thinking, better Poland. We show the inside of universities, institutes and other establishments where people of science work. We desire to reach the widest possible audience, including  children and young people interested in science, and also those who were not very familiar with it.


Read more at: www.festiwalnauki.edu.pl

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