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Our employees are an invaluable asset to us. We are aware that reliable employer branding is created by people who are working with us.

At the same time we appreciate the opportunity for direct contact with people interested in working in our Centre. Every year we participate in various general and specialized job fairs..

This type of event is treated by us as an opportunity to explain the Centre's business profile, presentation of programs, internships and placements, and employment opportunities. Before, we try to clearly recognize the needs of visitors, to provide them with exactly the information they need. Additionally, we improve the process of sharing knowledge and experience  by organizing  special lectures and case studies.

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The fair, organized by the Department of Physics at the University of Warsaw, was  held on 24  April 2010, at the Institute of Geophysics. The event was attended by students of other faculties of science and the Departments of Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology. During the fair the PAS SRC employees had the opportunity to meet with students - both freshers in their second year of studies, who will need to do a work placement, and seniors just before a diploma, looking for employment in the near future.

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The ATP, which took place on 1 March 2010 at the Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw, is one of the most important projects on the Polish capital's job market, offering students and graduates direct contact with employers and well-considered start in the job market. It is also an opportunity to present a company’s activity and strengthen its image as an organization as well an employer.

The Centre played the role of both an exhibitor and a lecturer by providing students with the lecture: "Space Research Centre – a career out of this world with us!"

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The event took place on 23 March 2010 on the premises of the Military Technical Academy in Warsaw. This event accompaniesa  nationwide educational program for student career path development combined with work experience. The program provides assistance to students in shaping their own careers and promotes the idea of staying and seeking work in Poland.

The Centre, playinga significant role of the academic patron, conducted a lecture for students: "Space Research Centre  a career out of this world with us!" and a workshop: "Choosing the best satellite images and the appointment of border permeability parameters in a project on monitoring of EU land borders."

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