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Pulsed Power Amplifier
Electromagnetic emissions observed in the nearest Earth environment are superposition of natural emissions and various types of man-made noises. Also as a consequence of thunderstorm activity and a Earthquake or volcanic eruption, on the board of low orbiting satellites the electromagnetic emissions are detected. At the current stage of  space physics investigations, we can describe many different magnetospheric and ionospheric activities driven by changes in the Sun-Earth system. Moreover, we still have problems with forecasting geospace conditions, particularly during disturbed geomagnetic conditions.
In order to achieve  this goal the four spacecraft  mission JONOSOND missions  leading by Russian Space Agency was proposed.  The four identical spacecrafts will be located at the polar circular orbit at the altitude 600 km and 800 km. In the frame of contract with Russian side the four ionosonds LAERT, dedicated for top-side in situ active diagnostics were designed  in SRC PAS. The QM model was designed, constructed and delivered to spacecraft factory. Each instrument consists of two parts, the receiver and transmitter and preamplifier for antenna system.

H. Rothkaehl, A. Rokicki, M. Morawski, M Krzewski.


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