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The aim of OBSTANOVKA experiment on board ISS station is to monitor and diagnose the electromagnetic radiation and property of plasma around station, to enable the development  theory of near Earth plasma interaction and for application purposes in space technology. To achieve these goals the Plasma-Wave Complex PWC was designed and constructed.   Radio Frequency Analyser RFA, part of PWC complex, has been developed jointly by SRC PAS in Warsaw and by IRF in Uppsala. New design radio receiver for frequency band 0.1-15 MHz, with three electric and magnetic field component of antenna system on board ISS was designed to monitoring and investigate the ionospheric plasma property  and artificial noises generated around ISS.

The instrument can be also used for monitoring the electromagnetic ecosystem for space weather purpose. New digital technology of this instrument creates an excellent possibility for monitoring the  electromagnetic emissions in space and time domain. The investigations on the ISS will be focusing on the following main topics:

-    Understanding the consequence of human activity in the nearest space environment.  
-    Description of global changes in the ionosphere-magnetosphere system.
-    Selection and description of artificial and natural noises detected in the ionosphere.
-    Analyse interaction between the ISS infrastructure and surrounding plasma.
-    Diagnose changes of detected signals on the board of ISS during discharges process related to the moor of Space Shuttle.

The complex of OBSTANOVKA instrument  was transported on ISS on 12 February 2013. The successful installation and deployment of the antenna system  was conducted by  cosmonauts  of 35 Expedition on the Russian Zvezda service module on 19 February 2013. First  scientifically data has been registered on 3th September 2013.

The astronauts install the antennas of polish radio frequency analyser RFA

H.Rothkaehl, M. Morawski, J. Grygorczuk 

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