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Radio Frequency Analyser RFA
(Relativistic ELECtrons) satellite will be launched in into a sun-synchronous orbit to height of about 750 km in 2014. The aim of the RELEC mission is to study precipitation of magnetosphere relativistic electrons and their impact on the Earth atmosphere and ionosphere including the observations of fast transient phenomena in the upper atmosphere. It will provide combined observations of UV, X and gamma radiation and charge particle fluxes, as well as electromagnetic fields. Radio Frequency Analyser (RFA) has been developed by SRC PAS.

The Radio Frequency Analyzer (RFA), with three electric field component Read more of antenna system, is devoted to diagnose temporal and spatial electric field fluctuation in the frequency range from 20 kHz to 15.0 MHz.  In order to observe the effects related to the thunderstorm activity, the instrument will have possibility  of very fast(25 ns) wave form registrations. The instrument can be also used for monitoring  the electromagnetic ecosystem for space weather purpose. The flight model FM was  delivered on a spacecraft complex in summer 2013.

Laboratory tests of the electromagnetic signal reception.

Ultra-light electric antenna before deploy.

H. Rothkaehl,  M. Morawski,  J. Grygorczuk, M. Tokarz, M. Krzewski.
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