Seminarium fizyki kosmicznej CBK, 6 września 2019 Drukuj
poniedziałek, 02 września 2019 11:09

Z przyjemnością zapraszamy na drugie w tym sezonie  letnie nadzwyczajne seminarium fizyki kosmicznej CBK w piątek 6 września 2019, o godz 11:00:

Prof. Hisashi Hayakawa (Osaka University; RAL, Oxford)
"Revisiting  the Carrington Event: Recorded Sunspot, Aurorae, and Magnetic Disturbance at the Time"


The Carrington event is arguably one of the most intense magnetic storms within the observational history caused by extreme interplanetary coronal mass ejections (ICMEs) . The source of this event is  one of the largest and earliest observed white light flare from a large and complex sunspot group. This presentation shows observational records of sunspots, aurorae, and magnetic disturbance and reconstruct their temporal and spatial evolutions and compare this storm with other extreme space weather events. Sunspot drawings by Schwabe, Secchi, and Carrington show the position and morphology of the source solar active region around this storm. Visual auroral reports from the Eastern Hemisphere fill the spatial gap of auroral visibility and improve its time series in mid to  low magnetic latitudes. The reconstructed auroral time series is  compared with magnetic measurements and their good correspondence is shown. The storm intensity and spatial evolution of the auroral oval is compared with those of other extreme space weather events in 1872 and 1921, and contextualizes the Carrington event as  one 
of the most extreme space weather events, but likely not unique.